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Teeth Whitening


At Thousand Oaks Smile Design we want to provide you with your dream smile. We use Philips Zoom! professional teeth whitening to whiten patients’ smiles safely and effectively with customizable options that address individual sensitivity and stain levels.

For a longer lasting bright smile and predictable results, a combination of Philips Zoom Whitening and Take Home Trays is recommended. The trays can then be used to maintain the whiteness.

Zoom Whitening, Custom Trays 

and 22% Carbide Whitening Syringe


Opalescence Go

With over 100 million smiles brightened and 30 years of experience, Opalescence Teeth Whitening is the global leader in professional teeth whitening. In combination of Philips Zoom Whitening and Opalescence Teeth Whitening Trays will maintain your teeth whiter for a longer time.

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