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Payment Information

It is the goal at Thousand Oaks Smile Design to provide you with optimal dental health by offering quality dental care through treatment options and financial arrangements that meet your individual needs. Payment is due at the time of service, except for that portion of fees in which payments from an insurance plan can be sent directly to us.


Our treatment coordinator will assist you in choosing the best payment option for your dental treatment.


Credit Cards







Care Credit 

If you desire a payment plan after discussing treatment options with your doctor and do not wish to use a credit card, our staff will be happy to explain how this special line of credit for dental treatment works and will help you with the simple application process.

Flexible Spending


Many companies have implemented benefit options that make elective treatments an affordable alternative. These insurance programs are referred to as Flex Spending Plans, Cafeteria Plans, or Alternative Health Plans.

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Cash Payment

Please contact us to schedule a consultation with our treatment coordinator.

Invisalign Consultation
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TO Smile Design

Savings Plan

No insurance, No Problem! 

For our patients without insurance, we offer the Thousand Oaks Smile Design Savings Plan. With a low monthly payment, you can take care of all your preventive care. 

Starting as low as $34 a month - for adults | $27 a month - for children 

Dentist Review

Dental Insurance

Our staff will help you to understand your insurance policy and to maximize your plan’s benefits to achieve your treatment goals.

If you have an insurance plan that will pay us directly, you will pay only that portion of fees your insurance plan does not cover (our staff will discuss this with you). We expect primary insurance benefits to be paid within 30 days. After 30 days you will become responsible for the entire treatment fee. ​ For those who have dual insurance (2 plans), the Secondary insurance claim cannot be sent until the Primary insurance claim is paid. In the event of late Primary insurance claim payments, after you have already paid your balance in full, we will deposit it toward any current balance on your account or sign the check back over to you. We would then be able to send out the Secondary insurance claim. ​ At any rate, even if you have ongoing insurance claims for your account, you need to pay that portion of your balance that is 60 days old to avoid being charged a $50.00 late payment fee. ​ Our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about your account, your insurance coverage, the use of credit cards, our Care Credit payment plan, and any billing issues.

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