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Thousand Oaks Smile Design Loyalty Program

If you don’t have dental insurance or if your employer is considering dropping your dental coverage, then we have great news.

We have created an in-house plan specifically for our uninsured patients to allow them to budget and plan for their annual preventive care, making it easier for you and your family to have access to quality dental care.

Thousand Oaks Smile Design Loyalty Program is designed for individuals, and families looking to save money on their dental care needs. With a low monthly payment, you can take care of all your preventive care (exams, cleanings, and needed x-rays). You’ll also have up to 15% off if you happen to need treatment like a filling or crown!

Our in-house savings plan is just one more way we strive to keep you smiling!

What are the benefits of the Thousand Oaks Smile Design Loyalty Program?

The benefits of TO Smile Design Dental Savings Program include:

  • NO deductibles

  • NO co-pays

  • NO waiting periods

  • NO paperwork hassles.

How do I choose the best dental savings program?

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to make an informed decision when choosing the best way to cover your preventive dental needs. If you have any questions please contact our treatment coordinator.

To learn more or sign up today!


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